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That’s right, it’s summertime! Long, hot sunny days, BBQ’s, relaxing with friends and family – and the much awaited vacation! Summer also means you’ll need to take care when we spending more time in the sun. Longer hours of daylight and hot, dry, or humid weather can affect your skin differently than the colder and darker days of winter. Your skin being is your body’s first layer of defence against the sun, so it pays to look after it!

Protecting the skin during summer

Using the appropriate amount and type of sunscreen (at least SPF 30, with broad spectrum and lip protection) and avoiding sun exposure at peak hours are some of the ways to protect skin during the summer. Getting sufficient nutrients from diet can also help. Not sure if you’re getting adequate nutrients to protect your skin? Consider supplementation to give yourself the additional support you need.

Good thing is, you can build your own box of personalised vitamins in Europe. Your personalised Suplibox can focus on skin health to support skin integrity and structure, enhance skin health, and protect your body’s largest organ during the year’s sunniest days.

Supplements for the skin in summer

Here are mineral and vitamin supplements for you to consider in keeping your skin healthy and strong during the summer:


Beta-carotene is regarded as a nutrient that can protect and provide skin health from the inside. Human skin is continuously exposed and, as a consequence, may undergo alterations leading to photo ageing, inflammation, immune dysfunction, imbalanced epidermal homeostasis, or other skin disorders. Beta-carotene could fight these. Beta-carotene can be used as an oral sun protectant in combination with sunscreens for the prevention of sunburn and has been shown to be effective either alone or in combination with other carotenoids or antioxidant vitamins. Adequate beta-carotene levels in the body may also contribute to a more long-term defence against UV light.

Taking beta-carotene as part of your personalised vitamins has protective benefits for the skin, especially when it comes to improving skin healing or repair from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn has high amounts of omega 7 (palmitoleic acid), the rarest of all omega fatty acids. The unique fatty acid and composition of sea buckthorn oil offers many benefits to promote skin beauty. It is traditionally used in cosmetology and in food supplements to soften skin and reduce dryness.

In addition, the orange colour of sea buckthorn berries comes from carotenoids, particularly beta carotene, a naturally occurring plant pigment converted into vitamin A when it is metabolised in the body.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil boosts your body’s stores of skin-nourishing GLA (a fatty acid your skin can’t produce on its own). GLA is necessary for ideal skin structure and function. As the skin can’t produce GLA on its own, researchers believe taking GLA-rich Evening Primrose Oil helps keep skin healthy overall. Evening primrose oil helps improve your skin’s:

  • elasticity
  • moisture
  • firmness
  • smoothness
  • fatigue resistance


Vitamin B complex consists of eight B vitamins that are vital in the proper functioning of the body. Specifically, they promote fibroblast migration, an important process in wound healing, and keratinocyte proliferation. Keratinocytes are cells found in the epidermis that come into play when you sustain a wound that calls on certain B vitamins to take action to support the wound healing process.

This can be helpful in the summertime when one can easily sustain scrapes, cuts, or gashes during outdoor activities.


Cranberry is a superfood with powerful health benefits. These small red fruits are high in polyphenol, a type of antioxidant that reduces the effects of oxidative stress caused by free radicals that in tun, cause cellular damage. Skin suffers with oxidative stress particularly with overexposure to and insufficient protection from UV light.

Oxidative stress can damage skin at any time of the year, but when the sun is out for longer and shines brighter, UV light exposure and damage unavoidably increase, too. You might want to build your own Suplibox and add our Cranberry Blend.


Collagen maintains and supports skin health, and is a great addition to your Suplibox. Our Collagen Complex is hydrolysed, which means it is already broken down to give you faster results.

There are several types of collagen, but the dominant types in our body are Types I, II, and III. Types I and III are important to consider for skin health. As you enter your thirties and forties, your body produces less and lower quality collagen. One of the visible signs of this is in your skin, which becomes less firm and supple and more vulnerable to damage such as dry skin and the formation of wrinkles. Several recent studies show that supplementing collagen may help slow signs of skin ageing by reducing wrinkles and dryness, increase skin elasticity and help it better retain moisture.


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