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Immunity Complex

Immunity Complex

The Bodyguard
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    30 capsules

Our Immunity Complex is a titan among immunity supplements. Specifically formulated to contain essential vitamins and minerals to help ensure your immune system is boosted and remains fit and healthy – and we know just how important that is these days! Our Immunity Complex includes:

Beta Glucans: When it comes to naturally boosting the immune system by optimising its response to diseases and infections, beta glucans are crucial weapons in the fight to stay healthy.

Vitamin D: Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D is critical for the proper functioning of your immune system — your body’s first line of defence against infection and disease. In fact, the vitamin is so important for immune function that low levels of vitamin D have been associated with increased susceptibility to infection, disease, and immune-related disorders.

Antioxidants: Contains selenium and zinc - essential trace minerals, and vitamin C, all of which are important for contributing towards a healthy immune system.

Research suggests that the components in our Immunity Complex: 

  • Build and enhance immunity

  • Enhance brain function

  • Contain powerful antioxidant properties

  • Support overall health

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No Artificial Additives


A unique formula

Potent Compounds

Beta Glucans

Contains beta glucans which naturally boost the immune system by optimising its response to diseases and infections.

Immune System Boost

Vitamin D

Research shows vitamin D is critical for the proper functioning of your immune system — your body’s first line of defense against infection and disease.

Powerful Ingredients


Developed to contain powerful antioxidants such as zinc, selenium and vitamin C, our formulation is a powerful weapon in the fight for immunity.


Active Ingredients

Beta glucans, vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, selenium

Recommended Daily Dose

1 Capsule

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Immunity Complex

Benefits backed by science

Beta Glucans

After a century and a half of research, studies have shown that beta glucans act as immunomodulator agents, meaning they trigger a cascade of events that help regulate the immune system, making it more efficient. Specifically, beta glucans stimulate the activity of macrophages, which are versatile immune cells that ingest and demolish invading pathogens and stimulate other immune cells to attack. Research indicates that adding beta glucans to your daily diet can play a significant role in helping your body fend off not only the common cold and respiratory infections but also more serious illnesses.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary for the proper functioning of your immune system and plays a critical role in promoting immune response. It has both anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties and is crucial for the activation of immune system defenses. Numerous studies indicate the link between healthy vitamin D levels and a strong immune system. AdequatevVitamin D in the body is associated with decreased likelihood of catching infections, and increased effectiveness of the immune system.


Selenium excels at supporting your immune system. This potent antioxidant keeps your immunity in check by identifying and warding off potentially harmful threats, like viruses, parasites and bacteria. What’s more, your body needs this compound for the production of ‘selenoproteins’ – selenium-dependent enzymes that help regulate your immune responses.

Zinc is a powerful weapon for immunity, zinc is required for the function of over 100 enzymes in our bodies, and plays an important role on immune system. Zinc is needed for immune cell development and communication and plays an important role in inflammatory response. A deficiency in this nutrient significantly affects your immune system’s ability to function properly, resulting in an increased risk of infection and disease, including pneumonia.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid – is one of the biggest players in the antioxidant world. This powerhouse has an positive effect on virtually every aspect of your immune system. It supports the function of various immune cells and enhances their ability to protect against infection. It’s also necessary for cellular death, which helps keep your immune system healthy by clearing out old cells and replacing them with new ones.

Why take our Immunity Complex

Beta Glucans

A crucial ally in the fight to stay healthy, beta glucans are compounds that boost your immune system by optimising its response to disease and infection. They act as immunomodulators that trigger a series of reactions that help regulate the immune system.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of your immune system. Numerous scientific studies indicate the link between healthy vitamin D levels and a strong immune system - the "sunshine vitamin" is a go-to for strong immunity.


Loaded with a number of potent antioxidants such as selenium and zinc - essential trace minerals, and vitamin C, which evidence suggests are vitally important for contributing towards a healthy immune system.

Interesting Facts

Is vitamin D really that important?

Vitamin D is one of the 24 micronutrients your body needs to survive, but it is not found in many different foods. As we age, our production declines — for example, a 70-year-old makes 75% less vitamin D3 than a 20-year-old does. We also suggest supplementation during the fall and winter months due to the lack of natural sunlight. It's no surprise that these seasons are the peak of the cold and flu season.

What are “free radicals” and "oxidative stress"?

In short, free radicals are unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environmental and other pressures. Free radicals also serve important functions that are essential for health. For example, your immune cells use free radicals to fight infections. As a result, your body needs to maintain a certain balance of free radicals and antioxidants.

Oxidative stress occurs when there’s an imbalance between free radical activity and antioxidant activity in your cells. When functioning properly, free radicals can help fight off pathogens. Pathogens lead to infections. When there are more free radicals present than can be kept in balance by antioxidants, the free radicals can start doing damage to fatty tissue, DNA, and proteins in your body. Proteins, lipids, and DNA make up a large part of your body, so that damage can lead to a vast number of diseases over time. Oxidative stress has been linked to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, stroke, respiratory diseases, immune deficiency, emphysema, Parkinson’s disease, and other inflammatory or ischemic conditions.

What foods contain beta glucans?

The following foods contain high levels of beta glucans:

Baker's yeast

Shiitake mushrooms

Cereal grains like barley, oats, rye and wheat

What foods contain antioxidants that the body cannot produce?

Vitamin A: Dairy produce, eggs and liver

Vitamin C: Most fruits and vegetables, especially berries, oranges and bell peppers

Vitamin E: Nuts and seeds, sunflower and other vegetable oils, and green, leafy vegetables

Beta-carotene: Brightly colored fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, peas, spinach, and mangos

Lycopene: Pink and red fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes and watermelon

Lutein: Green, leafy vegetables, corn, papaya and oranges

Selenium: Rice, corn, wheat, and other whole grains, as well as nuts, eggs, cheese and legumes

When is the best time to take Immunity Complex?

Research suggests you most benefits are derived from taking Immunity Complex in the morning and on empty stomach. Avoid taking with caffeine as this can prevent absorption and increase excretion.

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