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It’s time to beat that daily energy slump. Who wouldn’t want to wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the world?

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So, sit back, relax, and hold on to your seatbelt, because after you read this article, you’re going to be super fired up about the possibility of having endless energy, each and every day. 

 2 Simple Steps – Let’s Go!

  1. EAT!

Diets, weight loss, calorie counting and everything else that tells us that we can’t eat are energy thieves. You know what we mean! A cup of berries for breakfast, a small tub of yogurt, a glass of carrot juice, tea (coffee!)… is simply not enough fuel! 

Your body – and brain – needs calories to convert to energy. Energy you need to get you going in the morning, and keep you going throughout the day. A balanced meal at breakfast is key. It replenishes empty stores which you accumulate while you sleep, and it gives your body the fuel it needs to kick into action. 

If you’re trying to watch your weight, a big, healthy breakfast with smaller meals for lunch and dinner is more effective than skipping breakfast and then eating more later in the day.

If it’s time you’re short on in the morning, there are a host of easy, hearty and delicious breakfast options, like overnight oats, egg muffins, or frittatas that can be made ahead of time; take your pick!

  1. Supplement

When you feel more like a tortoise than a hare, you may need some help in supplement form; particularly if you’re not always able to eat three balanced meals a day with a couple of additional energy-filled snacks in between. 

B vitamins are an essential part of you body’s energy building process, and they are quickly depleted in times of stress and overexertion. That’s why it’s great to include a good quality B-Complex in your routine. The difference is likely to be quite noticeable, as B vitamins can help to quickly boost your body’s energy levels, for sustained, all-day-long energy. 

Don’t forget magnesium! Magnesium is involved in over 700 processes within the body, including that which relates to energy production. Those B vitamins you’re going to be taking also need magnesium to do what they need to, so this is a supplement match made in heaven. The beauty about magnesium is that it can also help you to relax when you finally flop into bed at night, allowing for a good night’s sleep. And, better sleep = better energy! 

Often, it really is that easy.

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