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An all round combination to supplement the most common deficiencies and promote general health and wellbeing. We've got you covered!


Magnesium Complex

  • Probiotics
  • Omega-3
  • Magnesium Complex
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Clinically Proven

No Artificial Additives


A unique formula

Optimised Formulation


Our 2-in-1 pre and probiotic supplement is optimised to promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria that research shows maintains cardiovascular, immune and gut health.



Omega-3 fatty acids are important for heart and cognitive health and are incredibly important for your body and brain.

Superior Ingredients

Magnesium Complex

Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, bone health and healthy immune function, supports sleep quality and may alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress.


Active Ingredients


Probiotics, fructo-oligosaccharides, inulin


Fish oil, EPA, DHA

Magnesium Complex

Magnesium biglycinate, vitamin B6, vitamin D3

Recommended Daily Dose

1 Capsule

1 Capsule

2 Capsules

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Magnesium Complex

Benefits backed by science


Probiotics are the “good” bacteria that help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system by increasing the presence and diversity of good bacteria (probiotics). They may help keep your heart healthy by lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and blood pressure.

An increasing number of studies link mood disorders like anxiety and depression to imbalanced gut health and suggest that probiotics could support the treatment of mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, and possibly some neurological conditions, too.


Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to positively affect risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. Omega-3 fatty acids promote overall brain health and keep it functioning optimally. Omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties that activate in the brain and may help balance your mood. Your retinas contain high concentrations of DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids may promote eye health by relieving pressure, supporting retinal integrity, and maintaining visual function. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to increase the amount of calcium you absorb from your gut partly by enhancing the effect of vitamin D, and improve the strength of your bones and synthesis of bone collagen.

Magnesium Complex

Magnesium is known to stabilise bone-building and increase bone mineral density and has been shown to lead to an improvement in sleep quality in people with struggle sleeping. Magnesium plays a critical role in brain function and mood and aids your body in converting food into fuel, leading to an increase in energy levels.

Why our General Bundle


Our Probiotics contains optimised and carefully selected prebiotics and probiotics that will tackle gastrointestinal issues, support your immune system, help maintain a balanced mood, promote skin and cardiovascular health and combat urinary tract infections.


Our advanced liquid formula is designed for rapid absorption. Our capsules contain EPA and DHA, natural sources of omega-3 found in fish oil. Our formulation also contains vitamin E for its additional health benefits and for stability. It is produced from a cold press extraction method to preserve all the goodness.

Magnesium Complex

Our Magnesium Complex uses magnesium in glycinate form (a type of amino acid) as it is gentle on the stomach and the body finds it easier to consume the mineral in this form. We also add vitamin B6, a co-factor that also improves absorption. It also contains vitamin D3, which works synergistically with magnesium to aid muscle, bone and joint function.

Interesting Facts

Why do your probiotics also contain prebiotics?

Prebiotics and probiotics are synergistic. It makes perfect sense to combine the two. Probiotics are the “good bacteria” and prebiotics are the good fiber-rich food for the “good bacteria” to feed on.

When is the best time to take probiotics?

There is no set time to take our Probiotics – whenever works for you. The secret to absorption is taking them on an empty stomach because it increases the chances of the probiotics surviving the journey from the acidic stomach to the gut. When we eat, our acidity levels rise and disrupt the process. We also recommend not taking our Probiotics with a hot drink as it can destroy the good bacteria.

Why do you need omega-3?

There is a wealth of research showing that omega-3 fatty acids are not only essential but that they also have a positive impact on health.

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that may play a role in cellular communication, helping to support healthy memory function and cognitive health. DHA is especially important for cells in the brain and retina, where it is abundant in healthy nerves and membranes.

EPA, another omega-3 fatty acid, is important for normal inflammatory responses and cardiovascular health. These beneficial fatty acids work together to support many other vital body processes and functions.

EHA and DPA - what's the difference?

So far there is no consensus in the research on the ideal ratio of EPA to DHA. Both forms have their individual benefits for our health. For example, EPA helps prevent clotting and swelling, and DHA is essential for brain and nervous system development, but also assists with blood thinning.

Why should I take magnesium?

As one of the most abundant minerals, the body can’t work properly without magnesium. Research suggests that the benefits of magnesium range from fighting inflammation and lowering blood pressure to improving sleep pattern. Magnesium is a key component in more than 400 reactions in your body. To name a few: nervous system regulation, converting food into energy, repairing DNA and RNA, and muscle relaxation.

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